Technical Specifications:
Temperature Range...+2/+4 C
Refrigerant . . . . . . . . R404A
Type of Defrost . . . . . . Static
Exterior Finish. . . . . . . White
Interior Finish . . . . . . . Stainless Steel
Power Required. . . . . . 13 Amp Supply

Features & Benefits:
*Fan assistedCooling .
*Switchable Interior Lights.
*Fully Automatic Operation.
*Electronically Controlled .
*Digital Temperature Display.
*Stainless Steel rear shelf .
*Straight & Curved Glass.
*Under storage.

HEIGHT: 1295mm
WIDTH: 1800mm
DEPTH: 975mm

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Product Description


Serve over counters are available with a number of temperature options depending on what you wish to store. Refrigerated counters range on average between 2˚C-6˚C, ample temperatures in which to store and display chilled foods. For more specialized produce such as raw meat and fish, units will incorporate a temperature range of between 0˚C -2˚C. It is vital for food safety aspects to store all fish and meat in lower temperatures to prevent any possible bacteria from thriving. Serve overs are designed to enhance the stock your business offers and so must be appealing to the customer in their own right. You may sell the most delicious cakes for example, however if the display is unsightly customers will be put off. For this reason it is vital that you choose a glass counter which complements the style and decor of your entire business. To accommodate every type of business regardless of color scheme, counter displays are usually available in almost any hue you can imagine. Whether you are looking for modern whites, grey or wood or more eye-catching colors you will be able to find a product to match.